Shotz Sports Nutrition

Customise and Adapt

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Athletes have different sweat rates and varying sodium concentrations in their sweat. Changing environmental temperatures alter these sweat rates and the accumulative loss of sodium. The Shotz Electrolyte Tablet allows the athlete to customise and adapt their hydration strategy based on their own physiological makeup and the changing environment they train and compete in. Sugary sports drinks are a one size fits all solution that limits the athletes ability to address their own personal needs. Drop one Shotz tablet into 500ml of water or possibly more tablets to address your own physiological makeup and the changing environment. Very simple – Very smart. 

Because Shotz tabs are refreshing and not tacky and sweet you are able drink more, be less dehydrated and better equipped to combat the negative effects dehydration has on your performance. Please keep in mind Shotz Electrolyte Tablet has no carbohydrate, therefore no energy. It is designed purely for hydration.


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